How can an Expat Invest in Properties in Dubai?

The real estate market in Dubai has seen an increase in the number of expats and foreign nationals who are interested to invest in the city. Several people are still unaware about the fact that they can own a freehold property in Dubai and it is not constraint to 99 years lease anymore. Investors in […]

Dubai Tenancy Law: Know Your Right as a Tenant

As a new tenant in Dubai, signing your first tenancy contract or Ejari as it is called in the UAE is as exciting as your first pay. Isn’t it? However, it is always wiser to have a clear understanding of the tenancy laws before you go ahead and sign the document. As a tenant, you […]

What Are The Requirements For An Investor Visa In Dubai?

The Dubai investor visa is one of the top ways people from around the globe make the UAE their home and business location. It was implemented in 2019 as a means of granting long-term residence visas. This is to help foreign nationals study, work and live in Dubai with 100% ownership of their properties and […]

Know your right as a landlord in Dubai

Being a landlord in Dubai comes with some rights and responsibilities. Every landlord should know and understand these rights to prevent problems with your tenants. As a landlord, renting out your property without taking these rights into consideration may lead to future problems with your tenants. In Dubai, the landlords have many rights on their […]